Scenario Management International (ScMI) is a joint stock company dedicated to shaping the future and supporting strategic business management since 1998. As a specialist for scenario management we support companies and organizations in the development of future knowledge, the target-orientated development of scenarios, as well as the deduction of visionary strategies and business models. Additionally, we support our clients throughout the implementation and change process, inviting innovative and future orientated thinking.


Get to know the Scenario Methodology: 24h Workshop in Berlin

In addition to our tailor-made scenario projects, we are open to share our expertise with professionals wanting to learn more about our approach to the future. Our 24h Workshop is offering valuable knowledge about the scenario creation process in the shortest of time. With a hands-on and efficient approach, scenarios will be created for the specified case of the future of mobility.

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The future of Urban Mobility 2040

How we will live and work in an increasingly urban world depends crucially on how our mobility systems develop. Answers must be viewed in a broader context, because new energy and mobility systems, mobility services as well as AI and autonomous transport have to be viewed together.

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Scenarios and Perspectives for AI-based Work Environments

Artificial intelligence is one of the most frequently discussed topics in politics, business and the media. The focus is often on its effects on employment and work environments. In a scenario report prepared jointly with foresightlab for Fraunhofer-IAO, six scenarios were developed and evaluated by a group of experts: What developments could happen? Which ones are expected? And what is desirable?

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How BMW Motorrad explores the Future Bike Business

The global motorcycle markets are changing. As part of its "Strategy 2030", BMW Motorrad therefore asked itself what changes can be expected and how changes in market segments and market environments can be continuously monitored. Read more about this in a german working paper - or rely on our award-winning presentation.

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ScMI: 20 years of successful Strategic Foresight

17 December 1998: ScMI Scenario Management International is founded by 21 shareholders at the Heinz Nixdorf MuseumsForum in Paderborn. Since then, we look with our customers to the future. And especially concerning this date, we make an exception and look back in the past of 20 years successful and insightful scenario-management.

The Future of the domestic Furniture Industry 2030

How do we live in the future? Which role does furniture play, how is it produced and brought to market? How do digitalization as well as global competition impact the domestic furniture industry? As part of a joint project, the furniture companies Germania, Pelipal, Sachsenküchen, Schoeller, Egger and Hettich created together with ScMI scenarios for the future of the domestic furniture industry.

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Germany 2030 – A map of the future

Taking a look in the media, you get the feeling that Germany is climbing from crisis to crisis - it is driving by sight, often without a common goal. What is missing are pictures of possible futures worth living in. How will life be like in Germany in the year 2030? The initiative D2030 developed in a non-party open-source process a map of the future. The basis for this are eight scenarios, in the development of which ScMI AG was intensively involved as a methodical partner.

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What will we eat in 2030? - Eight futures for the food industry

Regional diversity or global disruption? Digitalisation or craftsmanship? Or all of this together? Together with the Competence Centre for Nutrition (KErn) and a panel of 17 experts, the ScMI developed scenarios for the future of the food industry and evaluated them during "the future days Lebensmittel" in Kulmbach.

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"Scenario-Management has the potential to become a standard work "

How are scenarios created and interpreted? And how can robust strategies be built on that basis? The comprehensive handbook of ScMI’s board members Alexander Fink and Andreas Siebe provides answers to these questions. Not only Management Journal appreciates this educational yet descritpive standard work which in addition includes lots of practical examples as well as helpful tips.

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Frontex-scenarios for migration, Europe and its external borders

The refugee crisis is still a main topic in Europe. Many eyes are now turned on Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union. Its new „Risk Analysis 2016“ includes for the first time a long-term foresight-chapter with seven scenarios, which have been worked out by an interdisciplinary team with the help of ScMI.

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Seven scenarios for the future of Africa

The current Africa is diverse: High growth and significant tranformation steps parallel to growing corruption and a bundle of „failed states“. And the future of Africa? It is even more uncertain. This is why ScMI has developed seven scenarios for the future of Africa. A new and special scenario assessment gives additional answers on the question, where these future image could be seen today.

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