Fast insights into current topics, methods and tools: regional and in a pleasant ambience

The concept of a Roadshow is commonly known as an instrument for sales and marketing. ScMI has transferred this interesting format to areas of qualification: Micro learning nearby. You either want to discuss current topics concerning the future design or simply wish to dip into this topic, maybe outside the known working environment, but still close, short and precise as a webinar but with far more possibilities of interaction with the trainer and the group: Our micro-learning offer Road-Show suits your expectations! For us, micro-learning means teaching in small learning units, with dips of knowledge and methods, depth and application areas.

Two to four-hours events dealing with current topics nearby

The ScMI Academy is regionally present and continuously offers micro learnings in different cities – partly in collaboration with partners, unions and networks. During these Road-shows you can not only discuss latest topics (e.g. results of future studies) or deal with specific know how on future creation, but you can also receive valuable insights into methods, tools and procedures of ScMI.

Dates overview

Current events for Road-Shows can be found here.

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