Our expert knowledge right at your workplace: live and online or as a webcast.

Learning at your workplace – or even more comfortably from your sofa? A webinar or webcast of our academy offers new ways of learning!

Our webinars convey selected knowledge and instruments of an active creation of the future whilst guaranteeing a small leave of absence, no traveling costs, less interruptions in the work life but a personal contact to the trainer and other participants. Our offer leads to total planning freedom and enough space for self-organised learning. A time-displayed interaction is as well possible as we offer you to answer your questions by Mail.

In order to take advantage of our web offer, all you need is a computer or a tablet with an integrated soundcard and speakers, a broadband internet connection and a standard browser – eventually also a headset for an undisturbed working.

No questions left

Certainly, all our contents concerning our webcasts and webinars will be conveyed in a concise and comprehensible way. By using the chat function of the platform or by directly contributing via microphone, you will be able to pose questions and interact in real-time. Our online trainer and coaches will be happy to answer your questions: either directly or by personal contact at the end of the webinar.

Webcasts: The multimedia textbook

In case you are more interested in dealing with aspects of the future utterly independent from certain dates and times, our asynchronous offer in forms of webcasts might be your choice. Audio and video recording from our webinars, talks and presentation are available for download for your independent learning.

Dates overview

Dates of our current webinars can be found here.

Naturally, a spontaneous registration is possible shortly before the webinar starts!

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