How does tourism develop in Germany?

How does the travelling behavior of the humans develop and which are the resulting influences on the tourism in Germany? Where do people travel to in 2025?

How attractive is Germany as a travel destination for different target groups from home and abroad? Will there be regional or substantial focusses for the German tourism or does a broad offer set the benchmark for the success of Germany? How do value chains change in the industry of travel and tourism?

With the support of Scenario ManagementTM we aim to capture possible developments of the tourism environment and to condense them to different future images. With the help of these scenarios, individual and strategic decisions can be treated and discussed more differentiated.

For the future dialogue concerning the tourism in Germany 2025 we are still searching for further interested representatives of organizations and companies. The Multi-Client-Project is going to start in summer 2014, the exact time frame will be arranged with the participants.

More details and organizational frame conditions can be found in our project outline. In case you are interested in participating or desire to receive further information, do not hesitate to contact Christian Michl or Miriam Wagemeyer.

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