ScMI is member of the ‚Wissensfabrik‘

“More knowledge. More skill. More future!” – This is the motto of the ‚Wissensfabrik‘ , which was founded in 2005 from leading companies.

With their commitment, the members’ aim is to make the location Germany more future robust and to prepare the next generation for the global competition. From this year on, ScMI is one of the new members of the Wissensfabrik and brings its competence in methods, future knowledge and last but not least the fun of working with the future into the organization.

The main focus of the joint work can be found in the area of education and entrepreneurship. 1000 partnerships between companies and kindergardens or schools should make an effort in improving the learning culture and ingenuity. Young founders receive intensive know how from the members in the context of a mentoring program.
The experts help to facilitate the way to setting up a business successfully by working very intensely and closely with the praxis.

Learning from and with each other so new ideas and concepts for more knowledge develop: The Wissensfabrik sees itself as an open platform for all companies, educational institutions or initiatives, whose aim it is to support and spread knowledge. It bunches the diverse, distinct and peripheral activities in the area of education and entrepreneurship.

The Wissensfabrik especially emphasizes educational partnerships and organizational projects which make a noticeable contribution to the information society. The members set a good example with their approach and standards which make one want more: More knowledge. More skill. More future.

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