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The topics of the five scenarios head for completely different directions: re-nationalisation of the regions…regionalisation in the virtual knowledge economy… regional qualities against growth pressure…gold fever in the United Regions of Europe…sustainable knowledge at your fingertips.

That is exactly the result the ScMI wanted to achieve with its first partner conference in Paderborn and Bad Driburg. In a joint project with partners, futurologists and experts from seven european countries the consultants discussed alternative future developments of European regions and developed them in terms of alternative future scenarios.

The ScMI conference started with a lecture of Ute von Reibnitz. She encouraged the fourty participants to question traditional perspectives at first, and then to actively take part in the change of organisations, markets and society. At the same time she pointed out the cultural differences between Germany and France: While innovations here evolve and leave the company very slowly it is the other way around for our western partners.

Consequently, open communication of the participants was the central point for the following two days. They jointly identified the most important key factors of the European regional development and arranged possible trends in terms of scenarios. In this process different views on the European regional development consistently shaped the discussions. But in the end it became apparent that common results can be achieved after all, and that scenario management is an appropriate tool to overcome cultural differences and to find a common language.

Companies or organisations can contact the ScMI directly if they are interested in a presentation. ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) The five scenario and the scenario development process are described in the scenario report. The report can be ordered for the protective charge of 49,- Euro.

You can download a brief flyer of “The future of Europe's regions” here.

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