Sport development in the area of educational structural change

With more than 83000 inhabitants, the city Minden is a cultural center as well as an administration and economic center for the county Minden-Lübbecke.

From all inhabitants, almost 26000 engage in sports in 136 different sport clubs- which means an organizational rate of 32,3 Percent. In order to reflect the sports development plan for Minden, the city council launched a scenario project which was presented on the 23th of June.

A central issue which should be dealt with at the sports development is the educational structural change. By now, 18 out of 20 schools of the city already have an all-day-program, according to the responsible Philipp Koch. As a result, sports halls are occupied until late afternoons and students have less time for doing sports in clubs. “The changing educational environment is the central starting point for the future sports environment”, states Koch and further provokes: “Who knows whether we still have sports clubs in 2020?”

In order to recognize and think ahead of these and other insecurities on time, a project will be initiated which consists of a core team, a scenario team and an external team. During this project, external scenarios will be described and options for actions will be evolved in form of strategy scenarios. At the end, both future perspectives will be linked.

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