ScMI supports Airbus with project „Global Space Vision 2050“

Airbus Defence and Space is a division of the airbus company which was the result of the consolidation of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military.

This new division is the leading defense- and aerospace company in whole Europe, the second biggest aerospace company worldwide and one out the ten biggest defense companies worldwide.

In 2012, ScMI developed scenarios concerning the future of the aerospace in a joint collaboration with Airbus Defence and Space, named “Global Space Vision 2050”. A big part of the necessary knowledge naturally came from Airbus itself – the other part of knowledge was created during a series of workshops with different experts from the industry. The whole project started internally, where first trends and topics were collected.  The result were 68 influence factors – from single actors, whole areas of application to the industry environment of the aerospace to overarching factors from politics, economy and technology. These factors were finally condensed to so called 19 key factors, who were then applied to the scenarios.


Central questions and area of conflict in the future space

One of the main questions for the evolved scenarios was to examine to which extent the aerospace market is subsidized by public institution and/or private companies. The long-term development is highly dependent on these factors. Beyond that, further and also very important future questions arise: Which technologic breakthroughs are to expect? How can the aerospace industry raise its influence in societal requirements?

Our scenarios have been an important part of the discussion to the long-term strategies from Airbus Defence and Space and are therefore not accessible to the public. Nevertheless Airbus released the titles of the scenarios as “Back to the Sixties”, “Economy drives Politics”, “Antagonistic Blocs” or “Niche markets, which allow an insight into the different areas of conflict of Airbus.

Further thoughts and views on the future of the aerospace can be found in the interview with Dr. Alexander Fink in the edition 05/2014 in the “Zukunftsmanager”

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