The competition WECONOMY, lead by the ‚Wissensfabrik‘ and the ‚Handelsblatt‘, is over. Nine business ideas convinced the jury.

Scenario-Management is en vogue. Countless companies and organizations develop alternative future images in order to prepare themselves for dynamic environments, markets as well as for an aggravated competition.

Dr Ralf Becker is new chairman of the ScMI supervisory board.

Zukünftige Chancen und deren Nutzen zu erkennen, ist der zentrale Erfolgsfaktor im Wettbewerb.

In their contribution „In Zukünften denken“ (“Thinking in futures”) to changeX, Alexander Fink and Andreas Siebe deal with the possibilities of future management.

With the ScMI Roadshow 2014 we kindly invite you to receive information about contemporary scenario development along with efficient software.

We offer you a comfortable insight on what lies beyond the offers of ScMI and why the methodology of Scenario-ManagementTM is that successful, also across industries, in terms of strategic decision making.

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