The global mobility markets are undergoing a profound change which at the end also significantly influences the motorcycle market.

The demographic change, the altered self-perception of elders as well as the decreasing part of those, who solely want to be in the care of family members,  lead to a change in dealing with the age and an increasing demand for caregivers.

Lean, agile and dynamic - this is how companies nowadays align their process organization and infrastructure to changes and future market requirements.

The sustainability action concerning foresight developed 17 future scenarios for the markets machinery and plant engineering, automotive engineering and energy industry in the context of the cluster-technology-network “intelligent technical systems OstWestfalenLippe (it’s OWL)”

The outbursts of the global financial and economic crisis lead to a profound uncertainty in the economy, the society and in politics.

Since the beginning of 2008, a unified Euro payment transaction space was implemented with SEPA, the ‘single euro payment area’.

The international competitive constraints on the European maritime economy are getting increasingly tougher over the last years.

In the last years, the pressure on the air transport industry increased considerably. For many years, if not decades, the number of passengers and flights increased in the air transport industry.

The topics of the five scenarios head for completely different directions: re-nationalisation of the regions…regionalisation in the virtual knowledge economy… regional qualities against growth pressure…gold fever in the United Regions of Europe…sustainable knowledge at your fingertips.

Health care in Germany is midway through a drastic change triggered primarily by the altering demographic structure of the population.

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