Future, strategy and change – made by your organization

Future, strategy and change are narrowly linked to one another. Despite, there are totally different approaches: Visionaries have a clue from the future, which is defined in strategies and which needs to be implemented. Practitioners desire to change something, but need a viable strategy in order to be successful on the long run. ScMI offers a solution which combines both perspectives, with the Scenario-Management™.
The framework for its application is our philosophy, according to which future, strategy and change cannot be externally imposed, but need to evolve from the organization itself.

Future and scenario level: Exploiting the existing future knowledge from the organization

The crucial knowledge about the future is, in most of the times, already existent in the particular company. No one but the company itself understands its business better- and nobody thinks more intense about the future as the company itself. Therefore it is important to unify the existent future knowledge. Hence, we firstly slip into the role of a methodological-oriented facilitator. In collaboration with our customer we then chose the suitable instruments from our building set of future management and accompany the process as long and intense as desired.
But focusing on the future knowledge of its own organization should not mean to ignore external influences: Every single one, being in a leading position faces the danger of becoming routine-blinded and to disregard other alternatives. Therefore our customers profit from our cross- industry positioning: Based on our longtime experience in projects we help you to think out of the box.

Strategy and decision making level: Having an open dialogue on strategic alternatives

When talking about strategy development, people tend to focus on the pure formulation of a strategy rather than on the process of finding a strategy. We distinguish these two partial processes and concentrate on an intense dialogue which is necessary for evolving a long lasting sustainable strategy.  
ScMI sees itself as a facilitator on the strategy and decision making level, as well. Together with our customers we put the necessary information, essential for making strategic decisions, together. We do not only lean onto different external scenarios but also on numerous strategy varieties – because no strategy is really without any alternative.

Organizational and Change level: Accompanying the dynamics of change

In organizational development, the organizational change classically proceeds from the bottom up. This means that problem solutions are being evolved by the persons affected and not imposed from above. Hence we see ourselves rather as an expert in methods and not in domains. ScMI supports you and your internal change agents and project managers in recognizing the dynamics of change on an individual, organizational and environmental level and to deal with them constructively. For this purpose we combine interventions and actions of the systemic organizational development and the holistic Change Management with soft tools of the personal development, but also with hard tools of project management and controlling. In the consulting process you will experience us not only in formal roles as consultant, trainer, coach, change agent, moderator, presenter, mediator – but also in a variety of informal roles as the ‘advocatus doaboli’, lightning conductor, actor or a licensed fool.

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