Developing, applying and anchoring scenarios

Simple future research is for organizations and companies as less useful as short term strategies, innovations or change processes, which solely focus on the next planning period. Instead, strategic futures and future oriented strategies and innovations are necessary. At the interface of modern leadership is where ScMI positions itself with its new offers. The core business here is the development of future scenarios. In various project forms, we will develop systematic imaginations of the future with our customers, which will then be processed in forms of market, - industry,- regional and global scenarios. We concentrate on three different areas of applications:



These following three additional services, which flank the scenario development, help to strengthen the future and scenario competence of an organization:

  • Software for scenario development: With the Scenario Manager™, an efficient tool for supporting the development and evaluation of scenarios is on hand.
  • The ScMI possesses diverse future knowledge, which is saved in a scenario database. ScMI prepares selected future topics in terms of studies – independently or collaborative with its customers.
  • In the context of our ScMI- Academy we are able to present a broad offer concerning trainings and certification services for scenario and strategy development as well as for innovation and change management. During this process we do not only convey essentials or instruments, but also pass on our experiences from countless praxis projects.

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