Broadband communication
The first german congress for broadband communication took place from 21st to 22nd September 2006 in Berlin. Members of the broadband
branche (e.g. Hardware provider, net provider, regulatory authority) got together to discuss future market developments. Several top-class referees lectured about specific broadband subjects. ScMI delivered an insight into Scenario-Management with a specific example of use. For this purpose scenarios for “The future of broadband communication 2012” were developed within an interactive dialoque between the 150 participants of the congress. For this reason the participants took part in different workshops to discuss questions regarding hardware, contents, web, regulation, customer, etc.

The results were prepared and consolidated to consistent scenarios by ScMI. They were presented at the following day and concretised in an additional workshop session.

The following scenarios were developed during the first german broadband congress:
  • Scenario I: Global broadband boom – Innovations drive profitable growth in all segments
  • Scenario II: Narrow-gauge broadband entertainment – Cheap standardised niched entertainment
  • Scenario III: Entertainment, anyplace, anytime – Innovative entertainment successful in the consumer market
  • Scenario IV: Digital divide – Broadband as exclusive information application
  • Scenario V: Business drives broadband – Many specific applications remain in the business segment
  • Scenario VI: Economy class for business – Competition for convenient business standard solutions