Environmental education in Germany
Environmental education – especially pedagogic guided nature experience, the distribution of environmental conscience and ecological consumer guidance have become more important during the globalisation process. The United Nations declared the “decade of education for sustainable development” between 2004 and 2005. The unsecured development of environmental education poses a lot of questions: Which significance will the nature and the environmentalism have in the future? Which education concept will dominate? How will habits concerning consumption, leisure time and communication develop? These and a lot more questions could not be exactly answered with prognosis. As a central instrument companies develop and adopt so-called “scenarios”. These scenarios describe several realistic ways in the future.

The scenario report documents a process of scenario development, which was executed by the Bundesverband TuWas e.V. and the ScMI Scenario Management International AG. For the first time 26 representatives of different environmental education institutions analysed and structured systematically external future trends in six alternative future scenarios for the surrounding of environmental education in the year 2015. These scenarios offer all actors in the segment of environmental education the possibility, to make oneself familiar with feasible structural changes, to estimate own chances as well as threats and lately carve out a robust own strategic direction.

You can order a scenario report in German here.