The Future of Payment
On January 1st, 2008 the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) has been introduced. With SEPA the distinction between national and transnational payment is not longer necessary and it consequently becomes possible to transact payments in Euro using standard payment instruments. 

So far SEPA was associated with operative questions but innovative dealers and service providers are now taking more into consideration than just the introduction phase: Which are the consequences of SEPA concerning the German direct debiting system? How will the value chain change? Which actors will dominate the future? How will commerce react on changes on the market?

The EHI Retail Institute dealt with the above mentioned and manifold questions in a scenario project analyzing the prospective development of the single euro payment area. The scenario team was assembled heterogeneously and composed of commercial enterprises like Metro, Plus, Obi and dm on the one and leading service providers like  Mastercard, Visa and easycash on the other hand. Support and methodical accompaniment was provided by the ScMI AG that had already collaborated with the EHI earlier on concerning the future of commercial communication / trade marketing.

The outcomes of the project were presented on the 6th of may during the EHI-Card-Congress which is recognized the biggest technical conference for payment media in Europe. In full view of the 500 participants Marco Atzberger (EHI Retail Institute), Detlev Anders (Strauss Innovation) and Katrin Schweisfurth (dm-drogerie markt GmbH & Co.KG) covered much ground from bankoriented towards trade-driven future images and as well integrated implausible developments such as a return to cash.

Dr. Alexander Fink –director of the ScMI AG- completed the discussion with the developed scenarios and a “future mapping” which combined all eight pictures of the future. The results will be soon published in detail within a study of the EHI.

If you are interested in the methodology of Scenario Management as well as in the project procedure itself please do not hesitate to contact us.