Visions for trade marketing
ScMI supported the EHI (Retail Insitute) in an intersectoral scenario project. In cooperation with members of the retail industry, the media branch, the IT- and advertising branch “Visions for trade marketing 2015” were developed. The basic question was: How can the retail industry reach the right decision concerning the communication with the customer? The aim of the project was to develop alternative pictures of the future of the trade marketing for the year 2015. The scenarios should give orientation and transparency with regard to the right future mediamix. 

Five scenario are the result of the project and describe the future of trade marketing in 2015:
  • Scenario I: I want cheap: Customers pinch and scrape
  • Scenario II: Total experience – All media channels inspire consumption desire. Persuasion at the point of sale
  • Scenario III:  Looking for bargain buys –Complete linked media provide information to the shopper
  • Scenario IV: Everything extraordinary – Customised products are sold with customised communication
  • Scenario V: Local shopping – Common values link customers and local retail industry
You can order the scenario report direclty from the EHI.