In the additional module “Future Management”, the most relevant instruments for dealing with future developments and strategies are presented. Apart from trends and prognoses, we also take visions, road maps and planning into account. Moreover, the interrelations of the different tools, their fields of application as well as their linkage with the Scenario Management are lit up.

The additional module ‘strategy development’ contains the holistic strategy process from the weakness-strengths-analysis to strategy formulation and initiation of implementation processes. Different focusses can be chosen: At the strategic analysis, the main instruments for a characterization of the initial situation as well as business structure analysis, different portfolio analysis, competitor analysis or success factor analysis are presented. This additional module can also contain the development of strategy scenarios or strategy options.

The additional module “Strategic Product- and Technology Management” gives an overview on the approaches and methods of innovation management as well as information about “New Business Development” with the main focus on the development of new market offers (Strategic Product Planning) as well as the dealing with new technologies (Technology Management).

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