You would like to develop new business models, derive strategies and implement them. You want necessary changes in the organisations’ structure (e.g. the consolidation or separation of areas, departments or teams) and the re-organisation of business models to know in safe and professional hands. You are planning to implement new methods and instruments or to outsource processes. You wish a professionalisation concerning the virtual cooperation in teams and virtual leadership. A forthcoming fusion or take-over of your own or another company should be accompanied and lead to success. You are posing yourself the question on how to build up and run a corporate academy or a training center. You want to improve the internal project or change management. You are facing the challenge on how to secure and convey explicit and implicit knowledge in a changing organisation (e.g demography). 

You, as a decision maker, aim to create a new culture, change latest behavior or strengthen an already existing culture or demonstrated behaviour, for example the culture of cooperation, management culture, change culture, the dealing with complexity, conflict management, future-open, strategic and entrepreneurial thinking and acting, innovation culture and creativity, service and customer orientation, quality and error culture, feedback and performance culture. You pose yourself the question on how to tie and develop high performance employees, specialists and managers to your company – e.g. by recognizing, developing and implementing potentials, accordingly  develop qualifications and competencies, strengthening personalities, opening career opportunities, holding your employees to the company, securing knowledge, accompanying change, taking over of new responsibilities, mastering acute working, leading or conflict situations or by increasing internal consulting competency within the organisation.

Your aim is self-reflection and the development of your personality. You wish to handle sophisticated relation or conflict situations more effectively. You would like to reflect latest management and leadership situations and learn about new incentives for action. You are seeking for support and reflection in decision and dilemma situations. Moreover, a confidential and personal framework for taking stock of the strategy and future of your business, department, team or your role and for deriving individual measures is fundamental to you. You aim to find an improvement in your work-life balance or create your career or individual future. Or you are acting as an internal coach or mentor and would like to reflect upon your role or strengthen it.

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