The future of municipals in Germany

The development from municipalities and regions to modern service organizations is a central issue. Cities, municipalities and districts have to act more and more strategically. This scenario report is based on a pilot project “Kommune 2005”.

The future of civil aviation

Following the events of September the 11th it became clear that even in the aviation industry a stagnation or a decline in growth can occur. Therefore, ScMI has created five scenarios concerning the future of civil aviation which were evaluated by selected experts from airlines, airports and aviation suppliers.

The future of sales of new vehicles

In the slipstream of big fusions, there are signs of changes which strongly affect the image of the automotive industry. The central question is how consumers will buy new vehicles in the future. Six alternative scenarios were created on this issue in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Application Center for logistics-oriented business economics.

The future of Europe’s regions

The five scenarios about the future of the European regions were developed during the 1st ScMI-Partner-Conference in autumn of 2002. At the conference ScMI brought together its network partners plus further experts from even European countries.

Die Zukunft des Marktes für Corporate Finance

Ist der Corporate-Finance-Markt für Kreditinstitute ein Markt mit Perspektiven oder steckt er in der Sackgasse? Diese Frage hängt von verschiedenen Faktoren ab, deren zukünftige Entwicklungsoptionen ermittelt und in sechs Szenarien vorausgedacht wurden.

The Economic outlook

What role do various companies play within our economic future – from small family businesses to global corporations – employees to consumers? Four scenarios from a project run by ScMI provided some insightful possibilities.

The future of European tourism 2020

All the stakeholders in the tourism industry – from travel agents, hotels and transport companies to leisure time facilities are affected by a major structural change. Five scenarios show various potential directions.

The future of the Agribusiness in Germany 2020

AGRAVIS Raiffeisen AGhas developed and assessed six scenarios for the future of the Agribusiness in Germany. These alternative futures have been presented and discussed in the management team and additionally published in an internal scenario study.

Coach-based travel in Europe 2030

To be preapared for different changs in the coach-travel industry, the Bus-department of MAN Truck & Bus AG initiated a project with several experts from the automotive area, further industries and representatives from related associations to develop alternative future scenarios.

Living together 2030

Within an integrated project, seven scenarios for "living together" in the year 2030 have been developed. These scenarios have long-term consequences for Generali Versicherungen,so that they have been published within a scenario study for internal employee communication.

Szenarien zur Zukunft von Afrika 2030

Africas future is uncertain. To anticipate possible developments, ScMI has developed seven alternative future scenarios. Additionally these scenarios have been assessed to figure out, which countries are currently on the path to certain scenarios.

European Border Management

For the first time the "Risk Analysis 2016"-Report of Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation, includes scenarios, which have been developed in a joint process together with ScMI. The led to seven scenarios which have been assessed to show future expectations of various experts.

The Future of Trade Logistics 2025

Anyone who takes a product out of the shelf at the point-of-sale or happily opens the door to the parcel carrier will not always know what logistical processes are caused by the purchase decision or chosen delivery option. The uprising question is, how trade logistics could change in the future? How could store, transport or warehouse logistics look like in 2025?

The future of nutrition. Scenarios and perspectives for the future of nutrition in Germany

Whether food scandals, obesity or genetically modified food: topics that deal with our nutrition are published in the news on an almost daily basis. ScMI shows six possible developments through six scenarios. Here You can find a thematically similar study conducted in 2011.

Mass Media 2020

Media offerings in Germany have risen considerably over the past few years. Six scenarios show to what extent the so-called “new media” substitutes the traditional “mass media”, whilst also showing to what extent they are complementing each other.

The future environmental education in Germany

As part of a three-day scenario conference, 26 representatives from various centers of environmental education systematically analyzed and structured future trends, summarized them and created, in total, six scenarios representing the environmental education in Germany.

Visions for retail marketing

In collaboration with representatives of the retail industry, the branded goods industry, media as well as representatives of the IT and advertising industry, EHI developed visions for trade marketing in 2015 through an intersectional scenario project. You can find a follow-up study conducted in 2013 here.

The future of intangible web goods

In contrast to physical products and classic services, “Intangible Web Goods” such as MP3-Files or e-learning offers were previously available free of charge on the Internet. Five scenarios showed how this might change in the future.

The future of social networks on the Internet

In the first half of 2010 the first online scenario project was implemented in the XING-group “Szenario-Technik und strategische Früherkennung im Zukunftsmanagement” (“Scenario technique and strategic early detection in future management”). As a result, six scenarios were created concerning the future of social networking via the internet.

Development of external scenarios for the IP-management of medium-sized technology companies in Europe 2020

In a project with international professionals the University of Applied Science FH CAMPUS 02, the IMG GmbH and ScMI created seven scenarios for the future of intellectual property. Additionally, they developed strategic options for medium-sized technology companies.

The future of health care in Germany 2020

As a think tank and service provider for the government, the Innovation Centre in Lower Saxony, together with ScMI, created scenarios for the future of the “healthcare industry”. The future scenarios, which are demonstrated in a scenario study, should stimulate thought processes and discussions.

The future of the domestic furniture industry 2025

As part of a joint project the Association of Woodwork together with the Furniture Industry of North Rhine Westphalia, comprising of; Hettich, Technocell Dekor, Egger and JAB Anstoetz, created six scenarios for the future of the domestic furniture industry.

The future of sports in Germany 2030

Sport is a social, cross-sectional topic which goes far beyond just competitive and leisure sports. Topics such as health, media and entertainment as well as new business options were discussed in a scenario study where six possible futures were created for sports in Germany.

Integrated scenarios within the scope of the national sustainability strategy

As part of a project initiated by the German Federal Environmental Agency, scenarios were developed which shed light on the conditions for the national sustainability strategy and demonstrate sustainable strategic approaches for leisure, nutrition and housing.

Future scenarios for retail communication 2025

Together with marketing managers for retail, media representatives and service providers the EHI Retail Institute has investigated the communication and shopping behaviors of future customers. The systematically identified scenarios created provide an insight into possible forms of communication between consumers and retailers until the year 2025.

The future of the ship building and offshore supplier industry 2024

The ship building and offshore world market is subject to strong cyclical fluctuations. In order to establish a long-term orientation, the VDMA working group, representing shipbuilders and offshore suppliers created various scenarios in a scenario conference.

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