Scenario Management International (ScMI) is a joint stock company dedicated to shaping the future and supporting strategic business management since 1998. As a specialist for scenario management we support companies and organizations in the development of future knowledge, the target-orientated development of scenarios, as well as the deduction of visionary strategies and business models. Additionally, we support our clients throughout the implementation and change process, inviting innovative and future orientated thinking.


Frontex-scenarios for migration, Europe and its external borders

The refugee crisis is still a main topic in Europe. Many eyes are now turned on Frontex, the European Agency for the Management of Operational Cooperation at the External Borders of the Member States of the European Union. Its new „Risk Analysis 2016“ includes for the first time a long-term foresight-chapter with seven scenarios, which have been worked out by an interdisciplinary team with the help of ScMI.

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Seven scenarios for the future of Africa

The current Africa is diverse: High growth and significant tranformation steps parallel to growing corruption and a bundle of „failed states“. And the future of Africa? It is even more uncertain. This is why ScMI has developed seven scenarios for the future of Africa. A new and special scenario assessment gives additional answers on the question, where these future image could be seen today.

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Scenario-Management for cities and municipalities

Cities and municipalities are facing – not only, but also because of the strong influx - more diverse future questions: How will different outside influences develop? What prospects and risks is this creating? How should the community be like in the future? What latitudes will result from this - and how can we use them?

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ScMI-Scenario Study in Men's Health

Sport is a social, cross-sectional topic which goes far beyond just competitive and leisure sports. Topics such as health, media and entertainment as well as new business options were discussed in a scenario study where six possible futures were created for sports in Germany. The current Men’s Health Magazine tries to show pictures of the future. Some finding from the ScMI-Scenario Study “The Future of Sports in Germany” can be seen in their article “Training of Tomorrow”. If you are interested in the full study, you can find the six future pictures here.

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Scenarios for the Austrian Security Policy

Within the framework for the development of the Austrian security strategy, alternative “Profile variations (strategy scenarios) were developed. The evaluation was carried out based on internal assessment criteria as well as additionally created environmental scenarios, which were used to represent opportunities for the development of national, European and global security architecture.

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The future of rural areas

How do rural area might look like in 2030? What kind of role could they play in economy and society? What perspectives do they offer for communities, citizens and companies? These and many other questions are subject of six future scenarios.

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Scenario-Manager – Software for scenario development and evaluation

Based on ScMI’s experience in numerous projects in a huge variety of industries, the Scenario-Manager-Software helps to develop efficient, high quality scenarios based on the methodology of Scenario-Management.

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Future scenarios for retail communication 2025

Together with marketing managers for retail, media representatives and service providers the EHI Retail Institute has investigated the communication and shopping behaviors of future customers. The systematically identified scenarios created provide an insight into possible forms of communication between consumers and retailers until the year 2025.


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