Get to know Scenario Management in 24 hours

ScMI is hosting a scenario workshop in Berlin, 12 and 13 March 2020.


Perhaps it is due to the obvious increase in complexity and uncertainty – »scenarios« are on everyone‘s lips. But it is not only this increase in complexity and uncertainty that have led to scenarios being an important strategic instrument. Due to the both quantitative and qualitative method, an abundant number of companies, organisations and associations employ this foresight technique.


Oftentimes, we are not able to accurately foresee the future. In these cases, alternative developments have to be anticipated. Scenario-Management is an advanced approach to scenario methodology which is used with great success in many companies and industries.


In addition to our tailor-made scenario projects, we are open to share our expertise with professionals wanting to learn more about our approach to the future. Precisely for this purpose, we have developed the Scenario-Management 24h Workshop. This workshop is offering valuable knowledge about the scenario creation process in the shortest of time. With a hands-on and efficient approach, scenarios will be created for the specified case of the future of mobility. Attendees will moreover be able to discuss potential use cases of scenarios in decision making processes.


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