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ScMI Roadshow 2014

With the ScMI Roadshow 2014 we kindly invite you to receive information about contemporary scenario development along with efficient software.

Within a compact afternoon event we present you the benefits and possibilities of applying scenario management and give you, on basis of a practical example, an insight into software based scenario development. An open discussion, going along with having a little snack, builds up the basis for further interaction and individual questions. You being a participant, additionally receive a free test version of the Scenario manager. Thus, you conveniently get an insight into the services of ScMI in order to discover the methodology of scenario management and its successful utilization.

At the moment we provide the ScMI Roadshow only in German language. If you are interested in events in English language, feel free to contact us.

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Tel.: +49 (0)5251 / 150570

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