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The supply of broadband in Germany

On the 21st and 22nd of September in 2006, the first „Deutsche Breitbandkongress“  took place.

For the first time, executives from hardware providers, grid operators and regulatory agencies came together for exchanging different views on future market developments.

Parallel to a range of talks which were held by top-class referents, the ScMI gave an insight into the Scenario-ManagementTM and illustrated the advantages by giving a concrete case of application. For that purpose, scenarios concerning the “future of the broadband market until 2012” were created with all 150 participants during an interactive dialogue. In order to realize this project within the given organizational framework, the participants were split up in different workshops. During the workshop, they intensively discussed perspective developments concerning hardware, content, nets, regulation, and customers.

ScMI managed to process these results during the ongoing conference, condensed them and concluded consistent scenarios which were then presented to the participants on the second day of the congress.  Afterwards, these scenarios could be further concreted in additional workshop sessions.

These are the scenarios which could be identified during the first “Deutscher Breitbandkongress”.


  • Scenario I: Extensive broadband boom – innovations drive profitable growth of all segments
  • Scenario II: Narrow broadband entertainment – cheap standardized entertainment offers in a niche
  • Scenario III: Entertainment, anyplace, anytime – innovative entertainment makes the breakthrough into the consumer market
  • Scenario IV: Digital Divide – broadband as an exclusive information source for only a few
  • Scenario VI: Economy class for the business – competition for cheap standard solutions

These scenarios can be used in order to plan market development steps, for identifying innovation fields and finally for supporting the decision making process.

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