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ScMI AG extends portfolio of services: From scenarios to strategy and finally to Change Management

Scenario-Management is en vogue. Countless companies and organizations develop alternative future images in order to prepare themselves for dynamic environments, markets as well as for an aggravated competition.

Based on such scenarios they then acquire robust strategies and business models with whose help they will succeed despite an increasingly fast-paced change.

The ScMI Scenario Management International AG supports companies since more than 15 years in development, evaluation and application of future scenarios. Now it is time for the leading provider of scenario development to go one step further and to connect scenarios and strategies with a holistic approach in Change Management. Consequent development of Scenario-ManagementTM and the recruitment of Jens Brennholt and Carsten Hammermann form the foundation in this step.   The two founders and chairmen Dr. Alexander Fink and Dr. Andreas Siebe are happy to expand the ScMI consulting competence with these two successful top-class professionals in the area of sustainable human resource- and organization development.

Since 1993 Jens Brennholt supervised companies in organizational change processes as a consultant for performance and organization.  In 2009 he turned chief executive of INPUT, the institute for human resource and company management, Iocated in Paderborn. After the fusion in 2011 with the Haufe Akademie, Brennholz overtook responsibility for all customer-specific trainings and consulting services of the Haufe Akadamie with its sites in Frankfurt, Freiburg, München and Paderborn.

Carsten Hammermann supervised professionals and executives organizationally in their systematic development since 1998. Having finished his studies, he started working as an assistant of the management of the INPUT institute. In a short time he did not only undertake the leadership of project coordinations, but at the end of 2008 also the business division ‘leadership in human resource and project management’ whilst being a member of company management. After the sale of INPUT to the Haufe Akademie he was responsible for the area CRM & project coordination within the framework of customized training and consulting.

The strategic goal of ScMI is not only to develop and to implement scenarios but also to anchor them in the companies and organizations. Thus, Fink and Siebe stress that ScMI meets the requirements of many customers. For us, as a future-oriented company, it is absolutely fundamental to have a clear structure, which is outlined in a strategy, and to consequently accompany the process of change. On the one hand this includes the formal aspects as the implementation of strategic projects, but especially the shaping of the corporate culture and the systematic environmental scanning. On the other hand the personal and informal goals, wishes, roles, functioning and the environment of the staff members and executives have to be equally considered.

It is important to Brennholt and Hammermann that a new range of services arises from the connection of Scenario-ManagementTM and Change Management. This process goes beyond traditional development concepts and serves the customers with added values by applying our concepts usefully and target-aimed.  Thus, the ScMI stands for a package of approved and new services where a basis of change is created by scenarios and which additionally integrates strategies effectively. Thus, a clear direction can be given to the required change process. Brennholt stated: “Besides the motivation and the commitment of the staff members, the clear direction of change and an accepted vision are precisely the key success factors for the corporate change.”

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