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ScMI at the Trendforum

At the 10 year jubilee of the Trendforum at Berlin E Werk, ScMI once again took part as a partner.

Besides a highly frequented booth, ScMI AG participated with two interactive presentations about the “Application of Scenario Management within the enterprise”. Both events were completely booked out. According to that fact, Dr. Alexander Fink, chairman of the ScMI AG gave a positive feedback: “The big interest in scenarios showed up that scenario management is an important topic within the enterprises”. Jens Peter Kuhle, member of the executive board added:” We tried to illustrate the importance of scenarios for the enterprises and how they can be applied. I think we did very well in that, because the resonance we got after our presentations was huge and positive. We were able to get into very interesting conversations and the majority of the representatives signalized their willingness to pursue the dialogue with us as experts for their future.”

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