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Lanos and ScMI prepare medium-sized companies for the future

Lean, agile and dynamic - this is how companies nowadays align their process organization and infrastructure to changes and future market requirements.

Vision, value and Effectiveness are the key words which shape the acting of future robust and healthy companies in these days. This is the common opinion which unites the IT company LANOS, from Schloß Holte-Stukenbrock, and the future experts from Paderborn, ScMI in a joint cooperation. In the context of a series of events concerning topics as future, change and IT, the two specialists bunch their competencies for strengthening the business location “Ostwestfalen-Lippe” and to support companies with a holistic approach in future management, strategy, change, process and IT.

Besides all infrastructural circumstances as the IT or process organization, the so called soft factors will gain importance in the competitiveness and the long-term company success. Tom Peters, one of the business masterminds, keeps on stating:

“Hard is soft and soft is hard”. The leadership-and communication culture, the dealing with changes, the innovation culture and how to deal with mistakes, the communication and implementation of goals, strategies or visions: the list of the so called “soft” management areas is almost unlimited.

Together, Lanos and ScMI are trying to set the right course for a future oriented management and a modern organization via a dialogue with medium sized companies from industry, trade and service.
Future is shapeable- with the aid of future scenarios, a holistic management view and the use of change management methods, companies are capable of taking part in the process of shaping.

Following the slogan “Future-Change-IT”: visionary, valuable, effective”, the two cooperation partners started a ManagementSalon. In the context of a multi-part series of events, with the initial event on the 28th of January 2015, impulses will be given to medium-sized companies for a healthy change-and future oriented organization by specialists for future, change and wellnessIT.

The talks held by well-known experts from economy and praxis allow interesting insights in risks and chances in the creation of a “healthy company” with topics as corporate health management, the IT workingplace 2020, the use of forecast models, modern leadership and the future and innovation management. Interactive open forums with decision makers on eye level, practical and established best practices from regional leaders and a networking afé with regional treats round off the offers from the series of events.

These events especially aim at decision makers on the top-management-level (owners, managers, executives from industry, trade and service) coming from the region “OWL”. The participation to these events is free and interested decision makers may apply here: www.zukunft-change-it.de. Further dates and the agenda for the upcoming event can be found online as well. Due to the limited offer we kindly ask for an early invitation.

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