Scenarios in innovation processes – ScMI at the DTIM conference in Berlin

ScMI Round Table auf der DTIMOn the 26th and 27th of February 2015, the fourth DTIM conference, which is the leading German speaking event concerning the topics “Foresight and Disruptive Technologies”, took place in Berlin.

Industry representatives from research and development, as well as from technology management came together in order to discuss the dealing with disruptive technologies and innovative methods in the technology early detection. The organizers put special emphasis on the mix of more than 20 innovative and interactive sessions with icebreaker round tables, world cafés and challenge your peers-round-tables. Such a Round Table dealing with “Scenarios and Projection in Innovation Processes” was also held by the ScMI at its second time participating at the DTIM conference. The following questionings were discussed in the context of table talks:

What are scenarios in innovation processes able to achieve – and where are the limits?
Which experiences did other companies make using scenarios in innovation processes?
How should innovation management and corporate strategy be linked – and results evolve for foresight processes?
Which role do business models play in innovation management –and how can scenarios support this process?
How to deal with complexity which comes up due to new products, new technologies, new markets and new business models?
What role does future open thinking and the willingness to change in the organization play, when it comes to the implementation of the results from the innovation processes?

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