Planning ahead market and sales potential

Beitrag im Buch

Thanks to systematically developed scenarios concerning market environments, companies dispose of the description of single possible futures as well as of a map, which shows different development possibilities. Dr. Alexander Fink describes the transfer of such scenarios into strategic decision processes in an article for the book “market and sales potentials”, written by Oliver Gansser and Bianca Krol from the “FOM University for Economics and Management”:

How should one assess the scenarios which were developed as “thinking tools”, so development possibilities become clear? How can qualitative scenarios be usefully quantified in the aftermath? What needs to be considered when one wants to derive chances and risks for the own company from external scenarios?

Subsequently, the article will illustrate how scenarios can be implemented as a tool for the estimation of market potentials. Outlined will be concrete approaches in the context of strategy finding, the development of market segments and the thinking ahead of market structures as well as the usage of market potentials in product planning and business model development.

The book “market and sales potential” is available in the publisher “Springer Gabler” (ISBN-13: 978-3658044916) and costs 59,99 Euro. 

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