Homecare 2030 – Scenario study concerning the future of care

The demographic change, the altered self-perception of elders as well as the decreasing part of those, who solely want to be in the care of family members,  lead to a change in dealing with the age and an increasing demand for caregivers.

Due to various uncertainties it is almost impossible to depict a clear future for the caring market – and even more difficult for the Homecare segment. In order to not lose direction when it comes to longer-term decisions, five scenarios were created concerning the future of the homecare market in a joint project. Different companies and organizations coming from the homecare market participated at the process of developing these future images. Through various participants, many representatives of different industries came together as from ambulant and stationary care facilities, producers of medical products or to insurances. The existent perspectives had a big influence in a current scenario study from ScMI.

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