Compact future knowledge – New webinar series of the ScMI AG

ScMI-Webinar-ReiheHow are scenarios developed? How can strategies be robustly created? And which trends and scenarios influence our business? – There are many questions to be answered as soon as possible. The ScMI AG wants to provide answers by means of the new webinar series.

In June/July there are first of all four basic webinars which are offered quarterly in the future. At the meetings the fundamentals of the Szenario-ManagementTM, the four steps of the scenario development and the possibilities of the software application will be presented. In addition, the fourth webinar deals with the different applications of scenarios – in the fields of strategy, innovation and change.
In the summer time July/August there are several application webinars conducted. Here the practitioners share their experiences in different branches and scopes of applications with the ScMI AG. This includes, the scenario based development of guiding principles and strategies as well as the strategic innovation management and the potential finding. Novelties in this field are webinars where the results of the actual scenario studies will be presented. Webinars about the future of the personnel development, the homecare market as well as the rural areas in Germany.
The current webinar program of the ScMI AG can be found here. For further information and the registration for the webinars, please contact Mr. Oliver Böttcher (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

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