Work 4.0 - How will we be working in 2030?

Digitalization is one of the those topics that is dominating today’s world. The influences of digitalization on how we work today and in the future are diverse, complex and uncertain at the same time. “Work 4.0 – How East Westphalia will work in the future” is the title to which ScMI together with regional actors of the working world develop future scenarios.

The project is part of the larger ERDF project “REGIO.NRW – OWL 4.0 – industry, labor, society.” On September 8th ScMI invited various stakeholders from different public and private organizations as well as small-sized, middle-sized and large regional enterprises from different industries to join their first scenario workshop. Accompanied by glorious sunshine, all participants invested an entire day to think ahead on how the future of work in East Westphalia might look like in 2030.

"Influences and pulses to change almost exclusively come from the global environment - but the impact differs on an individual scale an need to be considered regional specific," says the project manager of ScMI AG, Hanna Rammig. While the morning session was used to discuss and supplement the preparatory work of the core team, the afternoon session was used to take in-depth insights. Therefore, the entire scenario group was split into three smaller groups that discussed how the future of work could look like? What development work processes could take and how work is organized in fourteen years from now with on-going digitalization and automation? These and many more questions were debated controversy and open-mindedly throughout the afternoon.

This first workshop sets the parameters for the further scenario creation process. In two additional workshops alternative future scenarios will be developed that ultimately build the base for deriving individual-level consequences. "Tomorrows working environment concerns all of us, and today we build its foundation.  Future can be shaped if we start to think about it soon enough - sleeves up and cheerful thinking until we see us again", were the closing words of board member Dr. Andreas Siebe.

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