Congress "Wundertüte Arbeit 4.0" - grab bag for work 4.0

Within the EFRE project „Regio.NRW – OWL 4.0 – Industrie, Arbeit und Gesellschaft” the project team „Arbeit 4.0/work 4.0” was inviting to a kick-off congress, taking place at the innovationcentre Fennel in Bad Oeynhausen.

During this congress 130 guests were offered different speeches about practical solutions how to shape the future world of work. Additional there was a market with different exhibitors which gave place for more ideas and discussions. The aim of the project team was to offer the regional companies an event that presents specific ideas about how to deal with the future world of work. Those ideas should be especially workable for medium-sized enterprises. The congress title “Wundertüte Arbeit 4.0 – grab bag for work 4.0” clarified this. One focus of the congress was the topic technical solutions for work processes. For this the congress offered different proposals about how to include digital technologies into companies. Further the content of the congress made clear that the future world of work is more than the influence of digitalization but the importance of human resources in a company. As an example the company comspace from Bielefeld talked about their organizational culture and their initiative “spende dein Talent/donate your talent”. This initiative gives their employees the chance to introduce their talents and skills to the company and maybe finding a better way to include those into the work processes. The ScMI AG was also part as an exhibitor on the market and showed the results of their last future scenario workshop about the topic “Work 4.0 – How does OWL work in the future?”. This way the guests got the possibility to discuss different future projections about this topic and to evaluate which projections are the most possible to occur in the future and which are the most desirable. The congress concluded with a keynote about the topic “being brave” and the guests took a “grab bag” full of possibilities about how to shape the future world of work back in to their companies. The topic “work 4.0” is currently widely debated in the press etc. and is often afflicted with fear. This congress was supposed to take this fear away and to clarify what work 4.0 does mean specifically for medium-sized enterprises and which possibilities they have, to go successfully along with this development.


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