ScMI takes part in the initiative "Deutschland 2030"

D2030 Deutschland 2030A brief view across the media landscape underpins the impression that Germany is moving from one crisis to another without a common goal. What is missing to this drive by sight are pictures of possible and livable futures.

 The everlasting and historically evolved "Keep it coming!" mentality dominates current actions. And at the end everything comes different. Future blindness squanders the possibility to actively shape the future and future opportunities. This is especially adverse for a country full of potential like Germany.

In the course of the last year the open-source project D2030 ("Deutschland 2030") was launched on the initiative of Klaus Burmeister and Beate Schulz-Montag from the foresightlab. The initiative develops future scenarios and designs a map of the future. These pictures of the future help us to recognize the challenges we face, the alternative actions we can take, and where we have to think further: What is Germany’s long term development? What disruptions to the development are conceivable, which conflicts are emerging? Where and how can we redirect our actions to minimize risks and take advantages of opportunities? What ensures Germany’s future internal and external robustness?

ScMI AG supports the D2030 initiative since its launch. Especially the two board members and founder Dr. Alexander Fink and Dr. Andreas Siebe are intensively involved in the D2030 core team: "The discussion about the future of Germany and Europe must not be dominated by old thinking patterns or prohibitions of thought. Instead, cosmopolitanism is directly linked to future openness. D2030 can and will make an important contribution to this necessary foresight. "In the course of the scenario development, the D2030 core team met for the first time in November 2016 at the ScMI AG in Paderborn to discuss the results of the first online dialogue.”

More information (in German only) about D2030 can be found here.

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