Future School at the University of Paderborn

How will gas stations look like in the future? How will we be supplied with energy? Students of the University of Paderborn dealt with These questions in this year's future school.

With the module „Scenario-Management“, ScMI offers students at the University of Paderborn the possibility to get to know the process of creating pictures oft he future.


This year, students created scenarios for „the future of Energy-Supply-Stations“ – a topic located right in the cross-section of technology, city-planning as well as environmental concerns. Seven scenarios were created, highlighting different paths of development for traditional gas stations. At the end of the module, these scenarios were presented, including strategic implications and recommended courses of action. These presentations also contained creative representations of the scenario, as pictured above.


Just like in the last years, this year’s future school was a success. The students were empowered to use future-open thinking in business-driven contexts. Moreover, new insights were gained through interesting discussions for all parties involved.



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