Telecommunication Contracts and its Distribution

For the eighth time the future experts of the ScMI AG accompanied international students of the Technical University Ostwestfalen-Lippe with the development and interpretation of future scenarios.

This years`project "The future of the telecom retail industry" dealt with the future of telecommunication contracts and their distribution channels. The master students worked together on possible futures, with a particular focus on the influence of digitalisation. In the end seven different and interesting future scenarios were developed: From the "Flagship-Store Scenario - Inspire offline, buy online." to the "Traditional Retail Scenario - See it, feel it, pick it!" to the "Automated Retail Scenario - Thank you Mr. Robot, please send it to my home!" or the "Virtuality Scenario", there was a wide range of possible developments which span the future space.

In the final presentation at the company partner TK World in Paderborn, the results were presented in an exciting, entertaining and interactive way with a lot of creativity and the scenarios have even been evaluated in an online  live voting. Many thanks to this year's students and our project partner TK World! If you want to know more about the topic, you can find another blog article about this year's event in TK Worlds' Blog

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