The future of our health data


What role will data play in the healthcare system of the future - and what influence will patients have on its actual usage? ScMI AG, together with the Swiss innovation initiative DayOne and BlauenSolutions, has analyzed data systems in the health sector in a project together with 30 experts from the health sector.



In this multi client project, no less than ten future scenarios were developed. This shows just how much scope there is for possible developments concerning the future of health data systems. A variety of factors were examined in order to describe the "ecosystem of health data", including property rights and their corresponding national regulation, the role of companies such as BigTech and the data infrastructure itself.


The resulting scenarios can be classified according to the original driving forces of innovation. On the one hand, the behavior of consumers and cultural aspects are identified (market pull), on the other hand, innovative technologies emerging from private sector research and development initiatives are named (technology push). This results in a total of four fields in which the scenarios are further differentiated with regard to further core aspects.


The project on the future of health data is not yet completed with the development of these scenarios and will continue wth further workshops. Initial corona stress tests have already been conducted, providing initial insights into the implications of the pandemic for the use of health data. Already at the beginning of next year, these consequence analyses are to be continued in a further series of interdisciplinary workshops.


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