The future of rural areas in Germany

How does the rural area might look like in 2030? What kind of role could it play in economy and society? What perspectives does it offer for communities, citizens and companies? These and many other questions are subject of a systematic scenario development.

In the context of the Knowledge Factory Forum a main prize for entrepreneurship was awarded for the first time within the framework of the ‘Jugend forscht Competition’ on June 8th. With this regard, the chairmanship of the jury initiated by the Knowledge Factory and the BASF was incumbent upon Dr. Andreas Siebe, member of the executive board of the ScMI.

Under the direction of Johanna Brühl and Jens Brennholt (Senior Manager at ScMI AG), the participants of the BDVT event (Bundesverband der Trainer, Berater und Coaches) Regional Club Westphalia investigated this question.

Scenario study about the future of personnel development

Demography and skills shortage, globalization and location quality, digitalization and technological change. How will the personnel development will look like in the future with respect to the uncertainties? And how will it work together with other functions and external further training opportunities?

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