We accompany you through the strategic change

The future image of your business is set, the new strategic direction is clear, and the strategy has been future-proofed and concisely formulated: now business success is heavily dependent on the implementation of the strategy and the effective change management. How do we establish a bridge from the strategy to the (new) operation of daily business?

The challenge: Merging futures, strategies and change

The ScMI AG will not leave you alone with the complexity of your future and strategic driven transformation situation and its implementation. We accompany your "Future-Driven Change". Transformation processes in businesses rarely founder due to unrealistic targets at structural or procedural levels.

All too often, the single focus is set on transformation efforts on these levels. Inadequate break down of the strategy to departments, teams and employees; ignoring cultural particularities; suppression of environmental factors, and incomplete consideration of individual influencing factors to those affected: In short, a reduced systemic look at the change situation allows many transformation projects to fail.

Therefore, we developed in a synergy with the long lasting core services of the Scenario-Management™, a concept (periSCOPE) and a model (Change process) for the holistic accompaniment of organisational change and personal development processes. 

Our "toolbox" for Future-Driven Change

Our diverse roles in supporting your businesses transformation or your individual development process is not only encouraged by our consulting philosophy and a clear understanding of the fundamental success factors in changes, but also by a "toolbox" of instruments and intervention procedures:

Strategy Implementation
Given a good strategy, a basis for the future success is created, but surely not secured yet.  Strategy implementation firstly contains the determination of activities, projects and programs. In the long run, the implementation will be steered by a systematic change process. Additionally, frame conditions of foresight/ foresight-processes should be observed.
Organisational development
We understand organisational development as a supervised strategic process. During this process, the affected parties must be aware of the interaction between the strategic, organisational, procedural, social and environmental aspects. It is therefore imperative that one does not solely concentrate on the business process development.
Cultural change and corporate values
We understand guided cultural change as inventions which focus on the coexistence and the leadership and team cultures in order to bring about planned social change with the objective of behavior and attitude change.

Due to the wide range of intervention possibilities and services we are able to combine activities to change and/ or developing programs, which are especially tailored for your concrete purpose, your specific requirements and the distinctive corporate context.

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