Extensive change: targeted, quick, successful.

The ScMI AG supports businesses and organisations with extensive, comprehensive and future oriented transformation.

Our understanding of organisational development

We understand organisational development as an aligned strategic process, in which all participants raise awareness for their strategic, organisational, procedural, social and external-related interconnection and do not only operatively focus on a structural procedural re-organisation.  Therefore, our activities aim to improve the skills of communication, cooperation, leadership and organisation, going further than the pure definition of new business processes and hierarchies of the company and its employees. That is how we support the aimed development of the organisation and its employees by visualising and experiencing strength and weaknesses and helping to transfer these insights into an appropriate acting. Organisational development initially is an open-ended process of organisational self-discovery. A successful organisational development therefore means a help for self-help.

Our role in the context of your organisational development

In organisational development, the organisational change normally follows the hierarchy from the bottom up, which means that problem solutions are being developed from the persons affected and not given from on high. Hence, we see ourselves as experts in methods and not as domain experts. The consultants of ScMI support you and your internal change-agents and project managers with recognizing the changes of dynamics on an individual, organisational and external level and dealing with them constructively. For doing so, we combine interventions and actions of the systemic organisational development and the holistic Change-Management with “soft” tools of human resource and personnel development, but also with hard“ tools of project management und controlling. During the consulting process you therefore do not only experience us in formal roles as a consultant, trainer, coach, change-agent, presenter, mediator – but also in a huge variety of informal roles as the devil’s advocate, actor, licensed fool,…

Reasons for organisational development

The reasons for organisational changes are various and start from hard aspects as the optimisation of business processes and procedures, the improvement of interface management and increase of flexibility, quality or innovation ability to rather soft aims as an increase of employee satisfaction, identification, motivation and learning ability or realignment of power structures or hierarchies.

Classic reasons for extensive programs for organisational development are for example the strategic (new)-positioning, the reorganisation of the overall company or of huge sections as well as fusions and takeovers.

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