Strengthen your foresight competence

We live in times of growing uncertainty. “Agility” has become a key success factor in this context. This rapid ability of organizations to change begins in the mind. Only those who have clear understanding of possible developments and therefore an inner compass for the future can direct their focus to critical changes at an early stage or work determinedly on realizing their own vision of the future.

This is the reason why currently everybody is talking about “scenarios”. They make it possible to systematically think ahead of long-term qualitative developments and provide organizations with a future map of their environment as a first step. Scenarios are therefore in demand wherever the future can no longer be predicted exactly. Their real benefit, however, only unfolds in their diverse practical usage, especially in strategic planning and innovation management.

The Scenario-ManagementTM of ScMI AG combines the systematic and software-supported development of scenarios with the specific application of these images of the future in companies as well as public and non-profit organizations. It should not be missing in any toolbox of future-oriented managers. We are therefore happy to share our expertise and practical knowledge with anyone who would like to get to know our approach for themselves without any commitment. For this very purpose, we have developed the compact workshop Scenario-ManagementTM entwickelt.

Are you ready for the future? Then we look forward to welcoming you at one of our upcoming events on site or online.

Our claim – your benefit

With our compact workshop, we give you the opportunity to get to know the methodology of Scenario-ManagementTM without any commitment and to expand your personal toolbox. For this purpose, we will guide you through all phases of scenario creation and interpretation based on a specifically selected case study. At the same time, we will provide you with valuable insights into various fields of application of scenarios and give you tips on how to implement them successfully. 

The teaching of the methodology is accompanied by exercises in which you deepen what you have learned in teams. The common thread for these exercises is a continuous case study, which includes the development of the scenarios as well as their evaluation and application. This combination of theory and practice not only introduces you to an ideal scenario process, but also pays special attention to the hurdles of real scenario projects..

Last but not least, we would like to offer you the opportunity to exchange ideas and network with people from other organizations who are interested in the future. Our on-site events provide for a joint dinner for this purpose, which also offers opportunities for informal exchange.

Our format – your choice

With regard to the workshop format, we leave the choice up to you. On the one hand, we offer the compact workshop as a “classic” presence event, which we organize at our company headquarters in Paderborn as well as in alternating metropolitan regions in German-speaking countries. On the other hand, you can experience the content in an online seminar from the comfort of your own home or workplace. We are able to present in German or English. Please send us your wishes.

Upcoming dates

Online seminar - February/ March 2022 (english/german)

Session 1 - Friday, February 25 2022, 9.00 until 11.00

Session 2 - Wednesday, March 2 2022, 9.00 until 11.00

Session 3 - Friday, March 4 2022, 9.00 until 11.00

Session 4 - Friday, March 9 2022, 9.00 until 11.00

On-site-event 1 - April 2022 in Paderborn (german)

Thursday, April 7 2022, 15.00 until Friday, April 8 2022, 15.00

On-site-event 2 - Juni 2022 in Paderborn (german)

Thursday, June 9 2022, 15.00 until Friday, June 10 2022, 15.00

Prices & registration


Get your tickets for one of the specified events now. You can easily send us your booking request using our registration form. We will also be happy to help you personally. Simply get in touch with the contact persons listed on the right.


For participation in the face-to-face event or online seminar, we charge a fixed participation fee of 650€. For early bookings (14 days before the start of the event) we charge our Early Bird price of 550€.

The participation in the workshop can be cancelled up to 14 days prior to the start of the event for a processing fee of 50€. A rebooking is possible at any time and free of charge.


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