Using technologies optimally for strategic corporate development

Decisions in technology shape the corporate development for many years. Therefore, it is extremely doubtful if these important decisions are made on basis of current product programs, current customer demands – or maybe even on up-to-the-minute catchphrases.

The necessity for a systematic technology management

Another reason for the high relevance of a systematic technology management is the increasing complexity of products – and therefore also their manufacturing process. Moreover, many innovations do not arise out of the classic, direct innovation path, but from a combination of already existing technologies and components in the context of technology fusions, technology integration or so called architecture- innovation.

Scenarios in the context of technology management

In day-to-day-life people often use the phrase „technology scenario“ – however, rarely meaningful. The use of scenarios in technology management should be considered more broadly:

  • Technology analysis: Different tools available for the analysis of a technology field. We support companies especially with the analysis of technology interconnection, as well with an extended approach of technology portfolios and with the preparation of corresponding trend reports.
  • Technology scenarios and technology roadmaps: We give companies a helping hand in developing technology field scenarios and process-chain scenarios as well in developing technology roadmaps.
  • Analysis of technology potential: Each technology contains different possible applications, whose extent and structure can be summarized as „technology potential“. By the use of different scenarios such technology potentials can be forethought.
  • Technology and product strategies: It is highly important to link the usage of technology with the corporate development as early as possible. Therefore, scenarios can be used for showing up and evaluating alternative technology strategies – in order to enable a strategically useful technology development.

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