Offering inspiring insights in futures, creating motivation for successful acting

You are currently searching for new ideas or impulses for either yourself or for selected experts and managerial staff of your company: Come to visit our open lecture events. Do you wish to give new, future-oriented impulses on your conference, your in-house fair, at an executive convention in order to raise awareness for upcoming changes or to create greater motivation for acting? Talks and keynotes from our experts will bring valuable input for your purpose. Our experts continuously offer open talks about latest topics concerning the design of the future, company and employee leadership as well as about change management. In doing so, our contributors and keynote-speakers benefit from their extensive knowledge, which they have gained through the application of future and future management and through the accompaniment of organizational change processes as a change agent and executive coaches in different areas. Therefore, our topics are very diverse and can be adapted to your special needs. A selection of our ScMI keynotes and impulse talks can be found here:



  • The future of economy and companies – Scenarios about the current global economics development.
  • Scenarios for sustainability of global financial markets
  • The future of health care in Germany 2020
  • The future of further education in Germany 2030
  • Future mobility in the German conurbations in 2030
  • The future of European tourism 2020
  • The future of our food
  • Integrated scenarios within the scope of the national sustainability strategy
  • Future scenarios for retail communication 2025
  • Scenarios for the future of football in Germany 2025



  • Scenario-ManagementTM – Successfully navigating with alternative futures
  • Navigating through crisis with the help of scenarios
  • Future robust strategy development
  • Linking strategy and innovation
  • Strategic product and technology management


Dates overview

Dates of current open events can be found here.

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