Post Corona Scenarios

Every day we follow the latest Corona developments in a spellbound manner and of course ask ourselves how things will continue in the coming days and weeks. Possible pandemic developments and their consequences for the health system, the economy and our everyday life are the focus of attention and, above all, the necessary measures.

In addition to this look at the near future, the question of what our world will look like after the pandemic is increasingly being asked: How will companies and industries be positioned? Will Corona lead to de-globalisation with shorter supply chains, will multilateral cooperation be more widely accepted as a solution - or will both developments interlock? Will work processes change significantly? Will the guiding principle of solidarity within societies or between states win or lose? Will the socio-political view of services of general interest change - and what does this mean for regulation, the role of the public sector, or specifically our health system? And will the desire for a new normality dominate in society - or the desire for change, in whatever direction?

These and many other questions are looming on the horizon. They are not yet at the centre of attention - and yet with today's decisions we are already laying the foundations for answers - or we are blocking the way to them. Therefore it is important to know: What are the options? Which of these scenarios do we expect - and which would be desirable? And what results from the evaluation for our decisions today?


In a compact and open online project, post-corona scenarios were developed together with our partners. The results are summarized in a working paper and are available for download. In addition, you can also download the individual steps of this open scenario process.

Are you interested in participating in the current re-assessment of the Scenarios? Here you can find the links and further information. If you have any further questions, please feel free to send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



The scenarios have been developed in cooperation with the following partners:




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