Preparing for the post-corona period

The uncertainty is tangible. At present, we cannot even predict what the coming weeks and months will look like - and yet decisions have to be taken with implications going far beyond the current corona crisis. It is therefore not surprising that the trend curve of the term "scenario" is pointing steeply upwards. But right now the following applies: Talk to the experts when it comes to your future. ScMI helps you to navigate strategically even if the uncertainty has increased again.

Post-Corona Scenarios

What are society, economy and politics looking like after the COVID19 pandemic? What are the striking changes we should prepare for? Together with partners and customers we develop first scenarios in an open online process. Be part of it, get involved when the cards are reshuffled. You can find more information about the process here.


Corona stress test

How will the COVID19 pandemic change our markets, our industry and our environment? Which of our assumptions continue to apply - and where do we have to adapt to new developments? What happens to our ecosystem? How sustainable are our strategies and business models? We undertake existing assumptions, scenarios and strategies to a corona stress test. Contact us if you have any questions.


Deutschland 2030 - reloaded

The ScMI supports the open and participatory project "Deutschland 2030", in which, three years ago, scenarios were developed and a strategic guideline drafted. In a survey of more than 100 future experts these scenarios were put through a corona stress test. Where have future assumptions changed? What is the new social conflict line? And why are the experts predominantly optimistic? Get to know the results here. We are happy to present the results to you and discuss the initial consequences for your industry and your company in an individual compact workshop.


Online scenario processes

Scenarios are not off-the-peg products. They are always developed with the help of an intensive dialogue - in-house or with the involvement of external innovators. But what to do in times of social distancing? Ignoring the future is not a choice. That's why we offer you specialized online scenario processes - flexibly in design and globally available. And we are prepared to offer you the best of both worlds again soon: personal and intensive workshops as well as flexible and innovative communication via all channels.

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