Within three days to compact scenarios

The Scenario-Conference™, which was developed by ScMI, is a certain format for receiving significant scenarios within a short period of time. Simultaneously, it offers the possibility to arouse interest concerning future topics and to increase the participants’ willingness to change.

Using the time for a dialogue

Time is a scarce resource – even though when it comes to important topics as future and strategy. A Scenario-Conference™ requires the central knowledge carriers to come together only once in order to develop scenarios jointly within two and a half or three days. In the past 20 years ScMI has conducted more than 100 Scenario-Conferences concerning different topics in the German speaking area as well as in Europe and Overseas.

Preparation, procedure and documentation of a Scenario-Conference™

A Scenario-Conference™ starts with pre-talks within the core team as well as with aimed preparatory work of ScMI. As a result, the Scenario-Conference™ is able to start from a profound basis. Normally, the conference takes two and a half days and mainly includes the selection of key factors, the creation of projections and its linking to scenarios. Beyond that, the derivation of resulting chances, dangers and actions for options can be integrated.

A Scenario-Conference™ preferably takes place outside the regular business rooms in order to facilitate the disengagement of the daily business routine. Moreover, this approach will be supported by specific moderation techniques and additional event elements.

Shortly after the event, ScMI creates a documentation of the Scenario-Conference™, in which the results, all relevant intermediate steps as well as an interpretation of the results are contained.


A special form of the Scenario-Conference™ is the Strategy Conference. In this process - according to a similar schedule- strategy scenarios will be developed. The usual timeframe for the creation of strategy alternatives adds up to two days – which means that an additional day for the subsequent strategy finding could be complemented.

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