Systematically developing own external scenarios

Our core business is to develop scenarios concerning concrete, customer specific questionings within the context of customer projects. Possible topics range from specific market and industry developments up to overall business environments to global issues. The base for these scenario projects is the method of Scenario Management, which has been successfully implemented in more than 400 projects.

Moderation, methodical coaching and advocates for cross-industry thinking

During the scenario projects we primarily take the role as moderator or as a methodical-oriented coach. The main content of the scenarios derive from the company or from jointly identified, external innovators. Based on our experiences in different segments we could therefore secure an intersectional perception.

Organization of scenario projects

A scenario project is mainly executed by a scenario team which meets for several workshops. These workshops are prepared and documented by a smaller core team. The exact project organization is geared to the individual desires and framings of the customer. It is possible to differentiate between three different forms of support:

  • The supportive work of ScMI is limited to the scenario development. The transfer of the scenario is made by the customer himself.
  • ScMI accompanies its customers also during the critical phase of the scenario transfer. In this phase questions are jointly discussed e.g. What is the meaning of the scenarios for us? Where are challenges or threats? Are there possible options? A special way of identifying options is the development of strategy scenarios.
  • The whole process of the decision support will be attended by the ScMI. The scenarios are often integrated in an extensive project to develop corporate visions or strategies.

Evaluating and continuously monitoring scenarios

Scenarios are thinking tools which help to illustrate different possibilities – including those, which are less expected or desired. As a result, probabilities do not play a role in the process of scenario development. Reaching the point of strategy finding, the question occurs how to react to which future images. Therefore, a scenario evaluation is useful. With the three above mentioned approaches, such a scenario evaluation can be done.
Beyond the process of decision finding, ScMI also supports the regular monitoring of scenarios in the context of overlapping “Foresight- Processes”

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