Processing complex future topics

Scenarios are not only a tool for decision support, at the same time, they allow making possible futures and necessary changes communicable for more than only the decision makers. Therefore, more and more futures are processed in form of scenario studies in order to apply them specifically in dialogues with employees, partners or the public.

Communicating scenarios accurately

Scenarios are thinking tools. This means that, additional to its substantial development of scenarios, its communicative processing also needs to be considered. One of the main principles is to secure the form of the communication so the content reaches the target group and allows them a contention with the future. For that purpose many different possibilities are on hand – from the traditional PowerPoint presentations, over “Stories from the Future”, to Future Comics, videos or performances.

Picture Book and Map of the Future

When it comes to communication two aims need to be pursued: On the one hand the scenarios should be processed as reliable and plastic as possible, so the future is easily imaginable. In our mind this looks like a “picture book” from the future. On the other hand, the entirety of scenarios – the so called possibility space – should be illustrated in a way which enables navigation. In this second step a “Map of the Future” evolves.

Different forms of scenario studies

It can be taken as granted that the scenarios which were evolved during a project will be documented and processed for the internal decision making. Moreover, ScMI supports its customers at the development of scenario studies on different ways:

Scenario Studies as a result of a multi-client-project
In case a scenario project was conducted by more enterprises or organizations, a jointly release of the projects results or selected parts concludes the project process. Such scenario studies can be developed by ScMI and- if desired – also published.
Jointly release of scenario studies
In this step, ScMI and its customers jointly release their scenario studies and make them accessible for the public.
Creation of customer-specific scenario studies
In case the scenarios should be communicated beyond the decision maker circle, they can be illustrated in a specific scenario study. We, ScMI, can support in creating a study report – or if desired, deliver the finished product.


Integration of experts and data bases in the process of developing scenario studies

Beyond that the possibility exists to draw on more than simply our experience in scenario development: For more than twenty years we are developing scenarios for different industries and markets in different regions, concerning concrete topics as well as global and superior interrogations. Involving an extensive expert network and with a fallback on our scenario data base, we are developing specific scenarios which can be used in the context of scenario studies.

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