Develop and monitor scenarios autonomously

Scenarios are more than simple best-/worst case considerations. Scenarios illustrate how alternative relevant futures might look like for companies and organizations. Therefore, multiple factors need to be considered, linked and thought ahead. For handling this complexity, a powerful scenario software is essential.

Scenario software as a key success factor

In addition to technical methodological competence and application experience, the use of suitable software is a key success factor in any scenario development. Since more than 15 years, ScMI uses its own efficient scenario software in projects, which is very closely aligned to the practical user needs. This software is also available to companies and organizations in two variants:
  • Scenario-Manager™: Based on our experiences from numerous applications in a huge variety of industries, the Scenario-Manager™ helps to develop efficient, high quality scenarios based on the methodology of Scenario-Management™. Due to its modular structure, the software can be adapted to your particular use cases.
  • Scenario-Radar: Scenarios describe a “map of the future”. Logically, this raises the question about our current position on this map and about the direction we are heading on our way into the future.  Thanks to the Scenario-Radar, customers of ScMI as well as external scenario users get the chance to monitor their individual future images.

These software offerings can be complemented with coaching and training modules, which allow an individual support of your specific scenarios process.

Characteristics of Scenario Manager and Scenario Radar

The creation of practice-oriented solutions for the efficient realization of scenario projects and an intuitive interface design form the basis of our development work. In addition, the Scenario-ManagerTM is particularly characterized by the following features:

  • Complete process coverage: Complete and seamless support and documentation of scenario projects from project definition to interpretation of results.
  • Superior performance: Powerful algorithms allow for a continuous real-time update of all data and the consideration of numerous influencing factors in the scenario creation.
  • Field-tested processes: Efficient support of tried and tested processes based on more than 500 Scenario ManagementTM applications in a wide variety of industries and applications.
  • Intuitive operation: Simple, graphic guiding through all steps of the scenario creation and/or scenario evaluation including a catchy visualization of the results and support of individual working methods.
  • MS-Office Integration: Efficient documentation and presentation of the results and support of team processes through full office integration.
  • Individual licensing: Flexible adaptation of functions and usage rights to individual requirements by scalable software modules and flexible license models.

These software offers are rounded off by training and coaching modules, which enable the individual support for your scenario project. We would be happy to advise you personally.

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