Targeted scenario field definition

  • Systematic structuring of the scenario field in system levels and influence areas
  • Team based selection of future relevant topics on the basis of written surveys
  • Intense specification of the scenario field through multiple describable influence factors

Team based linkage analysis

  • Team based evaluation of system interconnections of the influence factors
  • Extensive analysis of impact relations within the factor network
  • Understandable derivation of key numbers for a profound selection of key factors

Transparent selection of key factors

  • Catchy visualization of systems behavior of the factors within the portfolio illustrations
  • Automatic derivation of a suggestion for the selection of key factors
  • Flexible support in complementing the  key factor selection in workshops

Visual development of projections

  • Simple identification of core questions regarding future development possibilities
  • Visual evaluation of projections by means of flexible created projections portfolios
  • Extensive possibilities for projections descriptions

Efficient scenario calculation

  • Efficient and visual consistency evaluation of the future projections
  • Powerful algorithms for calculating of the most plausible future images
  • Integrated cluster analysis for an aimed determination of the most appropriate numbers of scenarios

Plausible scenario presentation and- analysis

  • Clear presentation of scenario contents for describing the future images
  • Simple comparison of scenario shapes for determination of main characteristics
  • Systematic investigation of the most relevant differentiators of scenarios through a sensitivity analysis

Catchy visualization of the future space

  • Clear presentation of scenarios in a map of the future
  • Simple analysis of the spread of specific developments in the future space
  • Automatized evaluation of core dimensions for distinction of scenarios

4 versions of the Scenario-Manager™ system

Due to its modular structure, the software can be customized to meet individual requirements. Hence we offer – based on a base module and three additional modules- the following system versions for supporting your future management:


  • Basic version: This version contains the basic functions of scenario development from the identification of key factors to the development of future projections and finally to scenario creation.
  • Workflow version: Additionally to its basic functions, this version moreover offers the possibility to support team-based workflows. Furthermore it contains an extensive office integration to facilitate an efficient documentation and presentation of results.
  • Professional version: Using an add-on module, analysis functions can be appended for improving substantial quality of results as well as for deepening the understanding and the interpretation of scenarios.
  • Foresight version: Beyond that, users of Scenario-Manager™ can access to the functionalities of the Scenario-Radar system with the add-on module 'Monitoring'. As a result the users are able to build up an integrated system for scenario development and persecution.

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