Develop scenarios autonomously

Based on experience from numerous use cases in a wide variety of industries, the Scenario-Manager™ supports the efficient creation of high-quality scenarios based on the methodology of Scenario-Management™. The software is available in different editions to adapt the functionalities to your needs. We would be happy to advise you personally.

Editions of the Scenario-ManagerTM

The Scenario-ManagerTM is available in three alternative editions. These are differentiated by the availability of the two core functions of scenario development and scenario monitoring.

Creator - The cartographer for designing "Maps of the future"
Supports all sub-steps of scenario development based on team-oriented work processes as well as the efficient documentation and presentation of results through MS Office integration.


Radar - The compass for determining the position in the future space
Supports the assessment of existing scenarios or scenarios developed within ScMI consulting projects to determine the current position in the map of the future as part of a continuous monitoring process.


Foresight - The all-rounder for scenario development and monitoring
Combines the functionalities for scenario development and monitoring in a comprehensive software platform to support strategic foresight processes.

Functionalities of the Scenario-ManagerTM

The Scenario-ManagerTM enables the development of scenarios focused on the corporate environment as well as internal strategies. You have the methodological choice between a model-based consistency analysis or a group-dynamic scenario creation based on scenario planning. In addition, the software supports the ongoing scenario assessment in scenario monitoring.

Targeted scenario field definition

  • Systematic structuring of the scenario field
  • Questionnaire-based collection of factors by the scenario team
  • Simple aggregation and description of influencing factors

Group-based system analysis

  • Group-based assessment of causal factor relations
  • Analysis and visualization of the factor network
  • Derivation of characteristic indicators for key factor selection

Transparent key factor selection

  • Visualization of the key indicators in portfolio presentations
  • Automatic derivation of a suggestion for key factors
  • Workshop support for final key factor selection

Visual projection development

  • Description of alternative future developments based on dimensions
  • Visually supported moderation of the projection development
  • Extensive options for the description of projections

Powerful scenario calculation

  • Simple and visual consistency assessment
  • Powerful scenario calculation algorithm
  • Cluster analysis for easy determination of the number of scenarios

Comprehensive scenario presentation and analysis

  • Presentation of lists of included projections to describe the scenarios
  • Cross-comparison of the scenarios to determine characteristics
  • Analysis of internal scenario dynamics by key factor networks

Catchy Visualization of the future space

  • Visualization of the scenarios in a future space mappingTM
  • Analysis of the projection distribution in the future space
  • Identification of core dimensions to enhance orientation

Conditions and pricing

The conditions for licensing the software are based on the range of functions (edition), the area of application and the type of license model selected. With regard to the application, we offer specific conditions for companies and educational institutions. In addition, a dedicated partner program is available for anyone willing to integrate the Scenario ManagementTM approach into their own consulting portfolio.

Concerning the licensing, we essentially provide our
software for unlimited time. However, the project-related provision of our tool is also possible. We are certain that together we will find the right solution
for you. To receive your individual offer, simply contact us.
We would be happy to introduce the Scenario-ManagerTM to you personally. Just make your appointment.

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