Drawing and classifying the future business

The strategic positioning for product-market-combinations is important, but nowadays in many cases not sufficient. What needs to be done is an extension of the business models which describe how the organization wants to position and align itself in order to become successful.

In various ways to new business models

New business models can be implemented in the innovation management as well as in the strategic further development of companies. ScMI offers different tools for its development:

  • Business models can systematically be created as a specific form of strategy scenarios. The advantage is in the replicability and the broad covering of the possibility space.
  • Business models can be illustrated in a pragmatic way – as it is frequently done nowadays. An example therefore is the business model generation. The advantage here is the possibility to quickly create first models and to classify them in detail afterwards.

Strategy as a portfolio of business models

In any case, it is necessary to integrate the business model into the strategic context. Firstly, it needs to be examined whether we deal with fundamental models for an already existing business or whether the models should concrete newly invented business possibilities. Ultimately the goal is to receive a business model portfolio which is based on superior competences and is insofar not copyable.

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